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Our Services

Spa Pedicures

Red Nail Polish

SerumSpa: Pro Skincare

Serum-based pedicure, free from 15 toxins, and enriched with up to 12 natural ingredients.

$65 ・ 1 hr


JewelSpa: For Sparkling Moments

Hydrating moisture and oil balance, with rosehip and cannabis sativa oil, free from toxins.

$50 ・ 50 mins

Perfect Feet

Gel Pedicure

Say hello to shiny toes, with a gel pedicure that lasts up to two weeks.

$50 ・ 50 mins


Childrens Pedicure

Gentle spa pedicure, with regular nail polish, designed for children to enjoy.

$25 ・ 30 mins (Children Only)

manicure pedicure


16 natural ingredients, with real pearl powder, to aid in effective deodorization and antiseptic cleansing.

$60 ・ 1 hr

Feet at spa pedicure procedure

AromaSpa: Heaven Scent

Potent liquid aroma soak, with antiseptic and deodorizing solutions, free from 10 toxins.

$45 ・ 45 mins


Classic Pedicure

Soak in a warm bath, with meticulous cuticle care, heel buffing, and regular nail polish.

$30 ・ 30 mins

Foot Massage

Intensive Heel Treatment

Eliminate calluses and bad cuticles, with special attention to your heels and cuticles

Add-on, +$15 ・ 10 mins


Electric Nail File

Dip Manicure

Full Set, $45 ・ 60 mins

French, $50 ・ 40 mins

Regular, $40 ・ 40 mins

Manicured Hands

Polish Manicure

$20 ・ 30 mins


Gel Manicure

Full Set, $60 ・ 60 mins

French, $40 ・ 45 mins

Regular, $32 ・ 30 mins

Close Up Manicure

Acrylic Manicure

Full Set, $40 ・ 40 mins

Refill (Long), $35 ・ 30 mins

Regular Refill, $30 ・ 30 mins

Elevate your manicure, with optional enhancements:

Nail Art

from +$15

Coffin, Almond/Stiletto Shape

from +$5

Builder Gel, Refill


Nail Repair

from +$5

Polish Change

Hands, from +$15  |  Toes, from +$20


from +$15

Ombré Design

from +$15


Rxf-KeyIngredients (3).png


from $50 ・ 45 mins

Scarred Leg


Full, from $60 ・ 45 mins

Half, from $35 ・ 25 mins

Rxf-KeyIngredients (2).png


from $35 ・ 30 mins

Hand Massage


Full, from $40 ・ 30 mins

Half, from $25 ・ 15 mins

Gold Earrings

Full Face

$25 ・ 20 mins

Beautiful Smile


$10 ・ 10 mins

Eyebrow Hair Removal


$10 ・ 10 mins

Shaved Armpit


$20 ・ 15 mins

Back Pain


from $45 ・ 30 mins

Red Nail Polish


$10 ・ 10 mins



from $8 ・ 5 mins

Rxf-KeyIngredients (1).png


from $45 ・ 30 mins



$8 ・ 5 mins




'Signature Facial' adding in a mechanical exfoliation device - sloughs off dead skin cells to promote a fresh & healthy barrier. Great for textured skin and scarring.

$120 ・ 75-90 mins


Signature Facial

Customized to your skin's specific needs

$95 ・ 60-75 mins

Back Pain

Back Facial

Deep cleansing and detoxing, finished with custom treatment

$90 ・ 60-75 mins

Smooth Skin

Recovery Facial

Incredible for mature, damaged, or if you experience chronically dry skin

$75 ・ 60-75 mins

Facial Treatment

Brighten & Renew

Various techniques used to brighten dark spots & high-frequency to kill breakout-causing bacteria

$105 ・ 60-75 mins

Acne Treatment

Acne-Prone Facial

Focus on extracting impurities & deep exfoliation

$90 ・ 60-90 mins

Laughing Portrait

Vacuum Facial

Pulls congestion and excess oil from clogged pores for a more balanced barrier.

$85 ・ 60-75 mins

Facial Massage

Classic Facial

Relax and recharge, or for maintenance between series treatments

$65 ・ 45-60 mins

Elevate your facial, with optional enhancements:

Underarm Detox

Cleanse and exfoliate with a loose scrub, extract any blemishes. A preventative ingrown serum. *Freshly Shaved/Waxed*

from +$35

Power Exfoliant

Fast and effective Lactic Acid peel for sun damaged or textured skin.

*Not for sensitive skin.

from +$20

Hydro-Jelly Mask

Relaxing and refreshing facial mask to further nourish and penetrate the skin

from +$15

Beauty Services

Long Eyelashes

Eyelash Extensions

Single, from $150 ・ 60+ mins

Gold Earrings

Eyelash Clamps

from $35

Blue Eye on Grey Background

Eyelash Refill

from $60 ・ 50+ mins

Eyebrows Makeup

Eyebrow Tinting

from $20 ・ 20 mins

Brown Eyes

Eyelash Tinting

from $20 ・ 20 mins

Please be advised, some services may not always be available or may be restricted for the safety of all clients and staff. Prices are subject to change without notice. Payments made by credit or debit card will be subject to an additional 3% service fee. EMCHI Nail Salon and our staff reserve the right to refuse service at anytime, and may not permit some services for client safety or in accordance with applicable regulation. Clients who currently have acne-prone skin or are utilizing skin care medication containing Isotretinoin (brand name: ACCUTANE®) may not receive some waxing services due to negative reactions. It is the client's responsibility to disclose and inform the salon and staff of any current skin conditions, concerns, medications, or other relevant information prior to beginning a service to ensure client safety. EMCHI Nail Salon, its staff, employees, and officers are not liable for negative reactions or experiences that may occur for failing to disclose relevant conditions, concerns, or reactions prior to beginning the service, including allergens or reactive ingredients. Please contact us directly for more information.

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